September is “Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month”

We didn’t see it coming, but we are feeling the full effect of its brute force: the collision of mental health and physical pain. The healthcare community has been aware of the relationship between the two for quite some time. However, COVID-19 has broadened the public’s understanding of this association. […]

Look To Chiropractic Care To Lead The Way Out Of Addiction And Mental Illness

Anxiety, depression, addiction: All of these mental health issues have skyrocketed since 1990. According to one source, “In 2020, The Journal of Psychiatric Research outlined unprecedented changes in the global burden of depression, stating that from 1990 to 2017 the incident cases worldwide amplified from 172 million to 258 million, […]

Pain Relief That Doesn’t Come In A Bottle: Part One – Forest Bathing

People the world over have long known about the benefits of safe sunbathing and how exposing our skin to the sun for short periods of time creates essential Vitamin D. Spending time out of doors in nature has always been recognized as healthy. What many people may not know –especially […]

From What If To What Is

What if we lived in a world where all back pain was treated by qualified chiropractors? What if anyone with back pain automatically gets referred to a chiropractor for care? What if insurance companies favored chiropractic care over opioid prescriptions and surgery? Of course, this sounds like a dream scenario […]

The Use of Antidepressants For Pain Relief Is Not A Solution

We humans are endlessly resourceful and experimental. I suppose I should add “hopeful” as well since we are continually looking for a magic pill for chronic pain relief. Perhaps “delusional” is more apt. As a society, we endure rampant addiction, suicide, and violent behavior in pursuit of this magic pill. […]

Newly Proposed CDC Guidelines For Prescribing Opioids

Back in 2016, as the opioid addiction and death rates were climbing higher and higher, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines for prescribing opioids. Unfortunately, those guidelines were misconstrued as hardline rules for setting medication dose and duration limits and was misapplied by some medical professionals and organizations. […]

The Year of Integrative Health

Without question, the pandemic has been the cause of tremendous confusion about our healthcare system and medical care in general. As one writer put it, “the pandemic (is) spurring a hunger for answers and options that improve overall wellbeing and prevent serious illness.” The Pandemic’s Silver Lining The good news […]

Our Children Deserve Compassion Not Criminalization

Without having personal experience, most people cannot imagine the life of those who live in poverty, those who witness parental abuse, or suffer any kind of physical or sexual abuse. As human beings we all suffer from traumatic events of varying degrees, be it the divorce of parents, death of […]