It’s Hard To Imagine A World Where Chiropractic Services Don’t Exist

Today chiropractors enjoy the respect and success of a profession that was nearly brought to extinction by a group of people who had taken the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” to others. As I continue my overview of the AMA, its history, and how it uses its power to […]

We Tend To Trust Medical Research Without Question And Often At Great Peril

In my ongoing research for educational material to share with my patients, those who follow me on social media and anyone who happens upon my articles and blogs, I recently came across some very interesting information to share with you. I truly hope it gives you pause and makes you […]

What The AMA Endorses People Believe In

As I continue to share information about the American Medical Association (AMA) as reported in a very lengthy and thorough article on, I want to reiterate that what most people think of as an institution concerned with the well-being of the American public could not be further from the […]

The AMA Hiding Behind The Smoke

This month, as I continue to reveal the darker side of the AMA, I’m going to travel back in history to show how intimately involved they were with the tobacco industry. So keep in mind the recently revealed cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry (see last month’s blog The American […]

Consider The Sun A Good Friend And Spend A Little Time With It Regularly

I don’t know if the numbers of deaths as a result of insufficient Vitamin D levels include those who died of drug overdoses or not, but either way the numbers are pretty shocking. “Studies in the past decade indicate that insufficient sun exposure may be responsible for 340,000 deaths in […]

The American Medical Association Is Not What You Think It is

I think it is a fairly common belief among most people that the American Medical Association (AMA) is an organization that is meant to have the best interest of the healthcare concerns of the public at large in mind. The AMA bills themselves as “the “unified voice” of America’s doctors […]

From Drug Addicts To Sun Worshipers…It Could Happen

Without the sun, there would be no life on planet earth. Without the sun, our bones would not be strong. The sun is what makes Vitamin D in our bodies. It was making Vitamin D before any company was making vitamin D supplements, so don’t start pushing back yet. And […]

Pain Management Enters An Exciting New Era

To say that I am excited and honored to be selected to be part of the Executive Medical Leadership team at Nu-Life Solutions is truly an understatement. This historic company is bringing advanced technology to the realm of addiction and pain management. No surgery, no pills, no more pain. I […]

Money Addicts Win – Drug Addicts And Their Families Lose

There’s an addiction war going on in this country. It’s a war between money addicts and the people they are killing whom they refer to as “drug addicts.” Fact is, most of these “drug addicts” became addicted because the money addicts ran massive marketing campaigns urging doctors to prescribe the […]