Pseudo-Addiction Sounds About As Plausible A Phrase As Fake News

The term “pseudo-addiction” was coined back in 1989 by Dr. David Weissman and James Haddox, an employee of Purdue Pharma, to describe a case of “a 17-year-old male with leukemia, pneumonia, and chest wall pain.  The patient displayed behaviors (moaning, grimacing, increasing requests for analgesics) wrongly interpreted by the physicians […]

Keeping People Sick And In Pain Is A Multi-Trillion Dollar Business

Our so-called “health system” is actually a misnomer. In fact, the mainstream medical industry is alive, well, and thriving by keeping people sick and in pain. Let me paint the picture for you by starting with a few well-known facts. First, in 2017, global expenditures for healthcare exceeded $7.8 trillion, […]

Emotional Pain Causes The Brain To Play A Major Role In Chronic Pain  

Recent research reveals that, “emotional pain activates many of the same limbic brain centers as physical pain. This is especially true… for the most common chronic pain syndromes – back pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia.” With this in mind, it’s no wonder why it’s easy to remember the “accident” that […]

Long-term Use Of Opioids Has Been Found To Make Chronic Pain Worse

If I were to tell you that your chronic pain is a result of something that is going on in your brain, you might want to “brain me.” But, in fact, this is something that researchers are discovering and bringing to light as the opioid crisis continues to spiral out […]

The Deadly Effects Of Social Isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing to the foreground the serious effects of extended social isolation. According to a recent New York Times article, “The psychological effects of loneliness are a health risk comparable with obesity or smoking.” The health implications are as serious as a heart attack. In fact, extended […]

Even When 2020 Is Over It Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

Just about everyone I know agrees that they wish 2020 could be magically erased from their memories. While we, as a species, do tend to move on quickly to the next “it” thing, the negative effects of this year are going to be visible in the world for years to […]

How To Get Away With Mass Serial Murder And Make Billions

I am aware there is a popular show that streams on Netflix called How To Get Away With Murder, in which a successful attorney teaches a university-level law course. Well, how about a show about a family that plays a leading role in the deaths of roughly 150 people every day? The […]

Oxycontin Oxymoron

 I read an article recently that made me scratch my head in wonder. The title of the article is Oxycontin Maker Pleads Guilty and Shuts Down. I was very interested to read the details and thought that after reading it I would be able to cheer. However, that was not […]