Money Addicts Win – Drug Addicts And Their Families Lose

There’s an addiction war going on in this country. It’s a war between money addicts and the people they are killing whom they refer to as “drug addicts.” Fact is, most of these “drug addicts” became addicted because the money addicts ran massive marketing campaigns urging doctors to prescribe the […]

More And More People Are Dying As A Result Of Diseases Of Despair

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, I invite you to take into consideration that diseases of despair are killing more and more Americans in every age group each year. Drug overdoses, alcoholism and suicide are among the most common diseases of despair. Not only are more people […]

Providing An Integrative Approach To Pain Treatment May Reduce Opioid Use

Treating pain with highly addictive drugs is not my idea of conscientious healthcare. As a chiropractor, I am a proponent of pill-free and non-surgical pain management. Integrating a traditional medical practice with chiropractic care is not yet widely accepted. However, strides are being made in that direction. I have been […]

The Opioid Epidemic Is Still Alive And Killing

With everyone’s attention in the U.S. fully turned for the past year and a half toward the pandemic and vaccines and what one can and cannot do, there is one issue that once was in the spotlight as well as the hearts and minds of legislators and public health agencies […]

Today’s Young Ones May Exhibit Negative Effects Of Pandemic Years From Now

In coming years, the pandemic will be long forgotten, yet, it may have a profoundly negative effect on many children who are experiencing anxiety caused by the pandemic today. Fear is not something that many children know how to deal with. In fact, most people have a difficult time expressing, […]

Pseudo-Addiction Sounds About As Plausible A Phrase As Fake News

The term “pseudo-addiction” was coined back in 1989 by Dr. David Weissman and James Haddox, an employee of Purdue Pharma, to describe a case of “a 17-year-old male with leukemia, pneumonia, and chest wall pain.  The patient displayed behaviors (moaning, grimacing, increasing requests for analgesics) wrongly interpreted by the physicians […]

Keeping People Sick And In Pain Is A Multi-Trillion Dollar Business

Our so-called “health system” is actually a misnomer. In fact, the mainstream medical industry is alive, well, and thriving by keeping people sick and in pain. Let me paint the picture for you by starting with a few well-known facts. First, in 2017, global expenditures for healthcare exceeded $7.8 trillion, […]

Emotional Pain Causes The Brain To Play A Major Role In Chronic Pain  

Recent research reveals that, “emotional pain activates many of the same limbic brain centers as physical pain. This is especially true… for the most common chronic pain syndromes – back pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia.” With this in mind, it’s no wonder why it’s easy to remember the “accident” that […]