Opioid Crisis

Cars Are Less Deadly Than The Opioid Crisis

You are more likely to die from an overdose than a car accident. You read that right. From 1999-2017, almost 400,000 people died from overdoses involving an opioid, including prescription drugs, heroin, or synthetic drugs like fentanyl, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a nation, […]

chronic pain

Pain, Pain Go Away Don’t Come Back Another Day

Did you know that 1in 5 Americans lives with chronic pain? With those kinds of numbers it’s no wonder there’s an opioid addiction epidemic. Instead of looking for the perfect magic pill to ‘cure’ the pain, it is my goal to turn people who live with pain to other ways […]

chronic pain

It’s Time To Stop Cultivating A Culture Of Chronic Pain Patients

We’re addicted to masking the pain. When you have a medical system that is as addicted to taking the easy way out by masking problems that cause pain instead of getting to the bottom of them and healing human pain and suffering, you create a cycle of addiction and a […]

pain management

Decrease Pain, Increase Mobility, Limit Opioid Medications

What if I told you that you could decrease pain without medication? The title of this article is the holistic strategy used with patients who come to my chiropractic centers in pain. My goal is to educate patients, caregivers and anyone else who is interested, how to manage pain without […]

Opioid Crisis

America Has Been Duped Into Believing Pills Can Cure Pain And Suffering

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay When I do speaking engagements, I like to grab my audience’s attention with a startling fact. The sad thing is that the same startling fact has been the same during all the years I’ve been traveling and speaking to corporations, organizations and groups. Here’s […]


The Opioid Crisis Goes Live On TV And Social Media

More and more law enforcement offices throughout the country are wearing body cameras and capturing people overdosing live. These videos are ending up on local as well as national news shows and are going viral on social media. For some, this publicity comes as a wake-up call. – maybe not […]

prescription drugs

Ask For A Drug-Free Prescription For Pain Relief

No one wants to live with chronic pain. The costs are too great. From sleeplessness to irritability to interfering with one’s work, pain can wreak havoc. But, taking a doctor prescribed pill that relieves pain often leads to even more detrimental effects. The pills doctors prescribe for pain relief are […]


No Federal Limits To Marketing Opioids Gives Pharma Companies Free Rein

The pharmaceutical companies that make opioids are given free rein to market their drugs wherever they please despite the fact that this country is experiencing a tragic opioid epidemic. The reason I bring this up is that a new study has shown that the areas of our country hardest hit […]