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Some Americans Will Suffer Holidays That Feels As War-Torn As 1941

The US is involved in a deadly conflict. As I write this article on the anniversary of the U.S. involvement in WWII, I can’t help but recognize that our country is in the midst of another and perhaps equally deadly war. We are in an internal conflict that has, in […]

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Thankful For Lawsuits And Arrests

We’re starting to see a little light in the Opioid Crisis tunnel. No one will be doing a happy dance despite the fact that the Sackler family is being pursued legally for their role in fueling the worldwide opioid epidemic. But, it is a step in the right direction for […]


Wake Up To Connection Between Depression And Opioid Use

Mental health and the opioid crisis are intertwined. Fall ushered in the chilling winds of change along with Depression Awareness and Mental Health Awareness month. As a consultant to local and national opioid task forces, I am aware that both mental health disorders and the opioid crisis are intertwined. Research […]

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A Medical System That Doesn’t Know How To Put An End To The Pain They Cause

How do we change an entire medical system? That’s the question that occurs to me when thinking about how our medical schools teach prospective doctors how to prescribe pills but don’t teach them how to help patients get off the pills they are prescribed. Our medical institutions are responsible for […]


Another Plea To Parents To Educate Children About Opioids

When I was a teenager, my parents warned me about the dangers of drinking alcohol before I was 21. They warned me about using marijuana and other drugs. The greatest concern of parents back then was that their kid would become an alcoholic or, through the use of marijuana, would […]


Temptation Can Kill With Just One Pill

Our children are faced with more deadly challenges than ever before in history. Going to school is no longer the place where kids come face-to-face with old-time bullies and cliques. Today’s children worry about being gunned down. And, in order to be considered “cool” they are peer-pressured to take pills […]

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A Cottage Industry That Kills

Nowadays it seems that there is a market for everything. For the most part when you hear the term ‘cottage industry’ you think of baked goods or other homemade items being sold at farmer’s markets or at specialty shops online. Unfortunately, there is a new and much more lucrative cottage […]